Our Goals and Mission

Our goals are:

  • to collect, study and preserve national songs and dances and carry out  research in that direction
  • to develop a system of dance recording (dance literacy) and introduce it into educational institutions and programs, spread widely in practice, and develop and distribute special computer programs, methodological manuals, online courses, video lessons and video lectures
  • to create and maintain a database of national songs and dances
  • to develop educational programs and introduce them into schools, higher educational institutions and other educational institutions, prepare relevant specialists
  • to develop special educational programs on war dance and intriduce them in military educational institutions and in the army, prepare choreographers of war dance
  • to develop programs for national song and dance, collect, study and maintain our heritage of national songs and dances and embed this school subject, do consultancy and other works
  • to prepare dance group leaders, create and support professional and amateur groups
  • to popularize and return national songs and dances to daily life
  • to popularize and spread Armenian national songs and dances all over the world


The mission of the National Song and Dance Academy is to return national songs and dances to daily life through collecting, studying, teaching, performing and popularizing them, to make them part of a living culture, which will be shared by everybody, to transform one of the powerful tools and impetuses of national self-recognition, and to promote the development of national self-consciousness.