The evil was thwarted

The evil was thwarted

Many people in the West negatively associate Friday the 13th with danger and evil and are scared. People try to shun bad luck on this day because the day is considered sinister.

What was the National Song and Dance Academy team busy with on the Friday the 13th of this October? With the support of the Folk Art Hub Foundation, we welcomed a group of guests inside the nice walls of Silk Road Hotel. In the friendly atmosphere through song and dance, games and predictions, we were trying to figure out how people perceived success and failure, good and evil in the past, and how they got rid of negative phenomena. We saw the link between past, present and future created by culture thanks to the Karin and AybAr dance groups, Academy’s trained teachers and their students.

Well, of course, everyone was also wondering what would lastly bring this Friday the 13th. To find out, we drew lots. One learned that their house would not be subject to an evil eye, the other that she would have two sons, and the growth of number of customers was the guess for the third one. Friday the 13th promised success to all.

We baked and enjoyed lavash, drank aromatic Van Ardi wine, and tasted traditional desserts. This time, with the support of Tatevik Shakhkulyan, we did a successful attempt to sing together horovel and “Chinar es” (“You are a plane tree”).

— Have you ever tried to sing in a choir with people whom you have seen that evening for the first time. No? Let me tell you that is a fantastic power and energy. It seems that you take wings, — says one of our guests, Gayane Artsruni-Aramyan.

We summed up Friday the 13th with traditional Armenian dances Kochari and Ververi.

We are confident that from now on, Friday the 13th will be associated with positive and good things.