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Seminar-Discussions for Teachers

The national song and dance subject is one of non-standard subjects of public schools. It has been a few years since the subject began to be taught in these schools. Both teachers and students are inspired by lessons. But the overall enthusiasm always raises when students are given purposeful and interesting tasks, do teamwork and are fairly assessed, while teachers are provided continuous support, are able to raise their questions and concerns, and find answers and solutions together.

Taking this into consideration, on June 16, National Song and Dance Academy (NSDA), together with the team of the National Program for Education Excellence (NPEE) of the Ayb Educational Foundation, organized a seminar-discussion for the trained teachers of the national song and dance subject of Yerevan schools.

Assessment and student assignments were the main topic of the meeting. Types of assessment and evaluation objectives were discussed. Through group work teachers created tasks involving student self-reflection, mutual evaluation, team work, etc.

The seminar was held by Hasmik Kyureghyan, senior specialist, head of NPEE Department of Teacher Professional Development and Certification.

The day before, we had also organized a discussion for the trained teachers of Armavir marz, focusing mainly on the subject assessment, the school issues as well as their solutions.

Taking into account the importance of these meetings and the active work of teachers, NSDA will spare no effort to keep the continuity of such meetings.